Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekly Shoe Rant

Getting ready for the party... I can't believe I have to wear SHOES again. Either something is wrong with me or with the rest of this part of the world. The only pair of shoes I have that goes with this outfit is pointy at the front. Why are shoes ever pointy? Feet aren't pointy! Why is it that foot-shaped shoes are so unpopular? Why do people tell me I have to wear non-foot shaped shoes to be taken seriously? I don't want to need a mobility aid in a few decades for wearing stupid shoes now!
By the way, my second pair of toe shoes arrived, this one is too small. Now my flatmate and my landlady are both walking around totally delighted with mobile toes in lovely toe-shoes and I have to wear stupid pointy shoes again! Meeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!!!! Booooooooo!!!!!!

Ok, calming down and eating chocolate and thinking how brilliant it is to go and see all these lovely people in a minute. Argh, I will be rude to them because I'll be in a mood about my feet... sigh...

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