Sunday, June 1, 2008



Hm, bit tired today. I was working late yesterday and only when I got to the train station this morning, running on two spoons of instant coffee, realised that it's Sunday. I thought it was Monday already... so I went back home and read a book on the balcony and yawned a lot, and now I am about to start drawing again. I am trying to train myself to turn the TV on. I find that really hard... I just forget it's there, and end up reading all the time, which means I get less work done. I know Serious Artists are Supposed To Draw Without Distractions - that's all very well when you're fired up and focussed, but when you're not (like me most of the time) it's really useful to have something to soak up all the rogue brain capacity that would otherwise make me think about spaceships or imagine people I don't like being chased by wild boar or wonder what's in the fridge.
Anyway, it's really hard to read a book and draw at the same time, so I'll try and switch the TV on once a day now. I wish there was a series on I'd like to see... something with birds, or some fantasy stuff and not too much smooching or sword fights, and maybe people could go to sea and discover things, or maybe something about giant robots... hm... whenever I try and get into a new TV series I find them much too demanding, you know, when you miss one minute and then can't understand any of the plot ever again... I always lose interest when I have to work out convoluted stuff backwards... and everything is always so super-tense, like the most important thing is who is sleeping with what, which I find is a concern predominant in the least enjoyable times of life... High adventure would be good... something not depending on giant story-arcs... or... pffft... aaah I am already getting into the right numbed state of mind that leaves exactly enough capacity to get this here drawing done. Oh and "Life Of Birds" is on! Yay!

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