Saturday, June 21, 2008

Studio Day...

I don't know what you do to keep yourself in the right frame of mind at work, but I find red lipstick helps.

Studio Face

I'm working out a technique for doing a number of "vintage" - looking illustrations... I basically have it down now, but I'm still experimenting with different kinds of paper and tea.


I've got so much SPACE in my studio now! It's incredible... and I found a whole stack of CDs when we emptied one of the cupboards to move it, so I have nice music to work to, too. Hah.

Here's one of the experiments:

It's hard to tell from this picture but it's all very useful.

While the paper was drying I went out and drew marks on the basketball court in the park for a game later on, with a piece of chalk on a long stick, and on the way back I drew a cat on a wall really high up (not often I have the opportunity).


Eric Orchard said...

Just kidding...
The bird and poncho pictures are two of my favorite Schwartz pieces, wonderful amazing pictures from the lines to the colours.

Rima said...

Hi Viviane, what a lovely day in the studio you had! And a delightful red nose too!! :)
I do like that parrot...

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thanks :) I really think I've got this almost worked out... the pictures, not the nose.