Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Putting Things Into Things

Another day of sorting stuff. Finding nice tins and useful stuff to keep in tins all jumbled up in big boxes, and filling great big Ikea bags with stuff to go to charity, and planning to learn how to sell stuff on ebay at last.

I don't know how long this arranging and re-arranging has been going on, but for the first time it seems like all the right furniture has arrived. I've been given a nice big desk and we shunted Alexis' towering drawing desk (it's taller than me!) into a corner from the middle of the room.

In a bit I have to take a break and find something to wear to a publishing party... it says they'll have live music, I hope there's somewhere to hide! Always difficult with parties in the kids' book business. You know how at every party there's someone who backs up into a corner and just stands there and hides out? Sometimes you get more than four people gravitating for safe corners, then they have to mill around a bit to keep the time any two of them stand in one corner to a minimum. Now if you do a party involving lots of authors and illustrators chances are there are so many people trying to stand in the corners that some seriously shy people end up in the middle of the dance-floor instead. - I'm not saying we are all wallflowers (definitely not so). Just a goodly proportion. I've been known to end up hiding under a table, myself, although not for some years now.

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