Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Feet!


I got my shoooes!

And... they are a bit small.
But this time I got out my sewing kit and made them fit. It's a work in progress, taking two hours yesterday already to adjust the heel.
By now they are pretty great, except the big toes are too tight. But the size up is too wide, so I am determined to make this work.
These shoes could do with some healthy competition, I think, I'd like to see different makes of this sort of thing, and preferably not made in China, shipped to America and imported to the UK. I wonder if it would be possible to hand-craft some.
Hm, I might cut off the uppers and re-knit them as a sturdy toe-sock-shoe, for starters...

(A bit later now, and they fit brilliantly now, hooray!)

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just wanted to let you know i changed my blog address to simplify.