Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, you wouldn't believe the amount of emails I am getting asking me to post some photographs of the beans. It's basically clogging the system. Some of those mails are by A-list celebrities and leading politicians, and there's at least one anonymous one who I strongly suspect is coming from outer space, believing me to be some kind of expert in anti-gravity vegetable cultivation. PLEASE you all beg me. Don't just TALK about them ALL THE TIME, show us some PHOTOS! Maybe we can all come around to your house and settle down to watch a little slide show, just a couple of hours or so, maybe some time-lapse shots and some leaf detail, nothing special.
Guys! Guys! It's Just Beans Really. Even if they are pretty majestic.

Here you go.

balcony garden

And here a little dramatic shot from really low down.

runner beans

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