Wednesday, June 4, 2008

After Meeting Morning

Good Morn!
I'm starting this day with a cup of moroccan mint tea, with mint from my balcony, instead of the ususal instant coffee kick-start. I've decided not to try and work in the mornings and make use of evenings instead for a while, seeing it's summer and that I work better in the evenings anyway and that the days can be used for all sorts of amblings and observations which I'd otherwise miss trying to get some work done on caffeine while people phone me up every time I am almost concentrating.

I presented my book of sketches and notes for the new project yesterday and it went down well. Huh. I'd been quite worried... I've never done a project with someone else's text before and I am not used to the freedom - if I write the text myself it gets edited and edited, now that the text is already done I can just go wild on the illustrations, or that is what it feels like, comparatively. Such a different job!
So now that I've got the characters worked out, I'll need to do a set of seven "main" illustrations to go all through the book, and when they are set in place I can fill up the rest of the book. Yay!

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