Saturday, May 24, 2008

Storm Brewing

Huh! Strange Athmosphere. Something's coming up says the weather report.
I've planted out my first bean, and went to the Curries' to swap my eeePC, which was a dud with faulty WiFi. In fact, the shop guys noticed that I'd been sold (at another branch) a pre-owned, returned one that they'd re-sealed into the original box in the shop, with the shop's own security tape (hence obvious to shop guys themselves, not to me, though it should have been a giveaway that someone else's password was already installed on the thing when I witched it on). How rude is that!
So there was no fuss at all about exchanging it, even though I couldn't prove that it wasn't working properly. And this new one is the best thing ever. Everybody go buy one. Blah blah boring computer talk...

I hope the storm won't uproot the beanstalk already... Huh I feel electric...


Eric Orchard said...

I love how your storys always have a happy ending, you just have to keep reading. Great pics of you gus camping, I'm very envious.

Love the little gallery, your Shark pics look fantastic in black and white, better even.

I'm trying to design robots based on my favorite artists. What does a Vivbot look like?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Yes, things improve all the time - That's one of the advantages of getting wound up about small stuff!

Ha, thank you, I am pleased with that gallery. The Shark and Lobster is originally done in grey tones, which we rasterised (or whatitscalled) into black and white halftone to make it look more 'clean', which looked great and professional but lost something as well. These days I've gone back to my college days attitude of 'what's wrong with using grey'? Apparently it looks grubby, but honestly - I've never been able to see that myself. Although I could see that the final colouring looked very professional.

Oh that's an honour!!! Hah! I got to think about a Viv-Bot. I think it's a probe/entertainment system for the long distance space traveller. It runs on some arcane operating system which requires frequent breaks in activity for processing information in sleep-mode.
It was probably intended for gathering information and supplies on alien planets, a sort of a probe you launch out into the dense swirling athmosphere of Omega6G20F's second moon and it comes back with rock samples, directions and a large pizza. However, it won't be able to give you the information before it's eaten half the pizza and had a processing nap. Then it presents it in the universally compatible MFP format (Multimedia Factoid Performance), which basically means dancing all about your spaceship while rhythmically pointing at stuff. They never went into mass production, I think.

Viviane Schwarz said...

But what it looks like I don't know!

Viviane Schwarz said...

The new eeePC bloody stopped bloody working too this bloody morning, arrrrrrrwwwwf :(