Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Outside! Outside! Sun!!!!

My lunchbox - first outing

Today Alexia and I went for the first picnic of the year... well my first picnic of the year anyway. I got to take my new lunchbox, containing an artichoke, several sandwiches (cut diagonally), half an apple, some orange juice and fresh strawberries. She got some scotch eggs to go with that, which made it 100% perfect and brilliant.

Nice Cup Of Tea
Then we had some tea...


And on the way back home I saw an event advertised that I might actually go to. All the usual attractions? A bug hunt? Yayy! I wonder what the woodcraft may be.

Beautiful sunny day, and everyone is so friendly... hmmm! :)

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Viviane Schwarz said...

I looked at these pictures again today and cut half my hair off! Much better now!