Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sad Balcony

I've got a new project... this is the third year (or so) that I'm thinking about making the balcony into a nice space. It's quite hard to clamber out of the window, so it's hard to get a watering can out there, or cushions, or anything... but if I somehow made it so that all the nice things are already there - a couple of chairs maybe and some hardy plants and somewhere to rest a cup of tea - it might be a lovely place to be sometimes! Not the same as a garden, but better than not. It's odd, I've often lived in rooms with balconies and never made any use of them. My very first room that I can remember (I think it was more a corridor than I room because there were about six doors going off it and it was really quite long) had a bare balcony at one end. I sometimes did go out there and because I was very small it always seemed like an incredible time since the last time I'd been out there, long enough so I was never sure if maybe it would be covered in a thick layer of moss and a wild forest with savage animals in it. I believe it was always covered in light green gloss paint instead.
I remember wondering why there was a door going to the outside when the outside was not real, but just a short slab of bare fenced-in concrete high above the real world. It was a great puzzlement to me. I figured probably the balcony had been put there so that people who walked out that door by mistake didn't fall down into the street.

Anyway... wouldn't it be nice, a little space out of doors just for me :)


PG said...

You could grow some lovely tomatoes out there...and chillis, aubergines...sweet peppers...

Viviane Schwarz said...

It gets completely sun-scorched half the day though - that's what worries me. Sometimes it's too hot to go out there! I think plants might just dry in a day... :s Oh I don't know!!!