Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm depressed...

...I didn't vote hard enough, apparently.
Also I went for a routine blood test yesterday and fainted, and because there wasn't enough space to lie down in the hospital I had to faint sitting up which is not a nice experience at all. I fainted several times over, and each time I woke from a feeling of bliss into a feeling of confusion and horror and a friendly laughing nurse restraining me because I was flailing around like a loon.
Actually and in fact I am completely miffed.

I'm much cheered though by a lovely email I got from Rhode Island from a little boy called Fisher and his mum who tell me they liked "Timothy". There's a photo of Fisher included, in his strong dinosaur pajamas, and he looks so happy that I feel like starting the day after all... bring on coffee and pencils!

By the way, the sky has been amazing the last few days... I stopped for a second before boarding this train and took a picture (being momentarily worried of report and arrest for suspicious photographing of public transport)

Beautiful London Sky

and here is a view I walked past on the way to the hospital... unusual green and wild for this part of town.

Big House

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