Friday, May 23, 2008


This morning my Vibram Five Finger shoes arrived that I'd ordered from the US - they are IMPOSSIBLE to get here. I tried them on and they were to big, and I suddenly got struck by complete and utter dissappointment, the sort that makes you sit down and cry. I spent so long researching, I measured my feet so carefully, and they came all the way from America, and arrived just when I was back from my holiday which was meant to be a week's hiking and was just two days hiking and three days having a cold in Edinburgh, and after spending most of yesterday trying to install a new operating system on my EeePc (eeeXubuntu) with no success at all but a headache, and generally feeling pretty useless in the world.
But miraculously my landlady had just seen someone wear Vibrams on the train and liked them, tried my too-big ones on and they fit like gloves. So next month I'll pay less rent and she had happy feet now, and I am feeling better again. I sent a mail to the shoe shop asking for advice of ordering the right size next, and in a bit I'll set off school-visiting, and there'll be kids and fun and stuff. Now all I need is someone more geeky than myself who can make this UBUNTU installation work...

And I might sit in my balcony garden a while... I planted a Pepper yesterday, and the runner beans are sprouting... all good really.

Balcony garden


warriorgrrl said...

Oh dear! Happy thoughts from down the road. If it makes you feel any better I broke down in to tears of frustration yesterday when I couldn't find my bicycle lock. It was all very silly, at least you were feeling disappointed for a reason! x

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thank you!

Sounds like a fine reason to me - I mean, you don't tend to slightly need a bicycle lock, when you need one you really do... I often get sad about stupid things I can't find or that keep falling off shelves or malfunction, they make the world seem so complicated some days. :)