Sunday, April 6, 2008

White Morning

I woke up quite early, opened the curtains and SCREAMED.

Then I got up quickly and went out to the park.

Snowy Morning

Almost no one was there...

Park Lantern in the Snow

The flowers looked upset.

Snowy Morning Hedge

I took a handful of snow, and big flakes stuck to it at once. I put it down and started rolling it about.

Then I went home to borrow some gloves and bought a carrot for fourpence at the corner shop.

By now there were people walking in the park... I rolled some more snow. The grass didn't stay green for long, but got covered in new big flakes. I thought: I hope this isn't nuclear winter, but when I passed the radio this morning it just said Charlton Heston had died, so it must be ok.
I planted the carrot.

My Snowman

When I looked up I noticed there were people making snowmen all over the park. I thought about photographing them, but the looked private.

On my way home I passed a family by the park gate. The father had put two snowballs together and was just about to put on the head while his tiny son was watching. "And then... we do this!" he said. The snowman imploded completely under his hands.
"Why?" asked his son.
"Now that didn't really work, did it now", said the mother.

I got home and looked out of the window with my finches.
Two children were collecting all the snow off a car and packed it into a corner in their tiny front yard.
I think today London will be populated with snowmen, most of them looking a bit surprised.


Dave Shelton said...

No snow in Cambridge. Thanks for sharing yours.

warriorgrrl said...

This is what the Rye looks like now - dead stumps of snowmen all over the place!

Dead Snowman

Andre is almost finished...just one more arm to stuff and attach then the ears to add. I made him a bit fat I think, but he seems quite happy!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Pleasure! It only just stopped... so much for the pic-nic I had planned... but I am so glad it was snowman-snow!

Awww, poor snowy... I almost wnet to the Rye but I was afraid that it would stop snowing so I just went to the park round the corner.

Yay fat Andre is good... my knitted version came out a bit square and flat actually!
Can't wait to see!

Jennifer said...

Spring snow is lovely. Especially with the promise of flowers peeking through...

Stephanie Roth said...

No snow here either- gosh that looks like it was a hoot and a half for sure!