Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nameless Potatoes and such

Ah. I have finished re-uploading Alexis' website and it's neat now and shall stay this way. Then I did some googling and for no good reason came across this list of mostly rather brilliant-sounding books that will never get co-editioned here... actually - I feel very inspired!!! I really would like to read the book about the nameless potato, especially.

And now I shall boil some potatoes (all called "salad", I think, going by the bag) and prepare to watch the Grand National since somehow I bet a fiver on a horse called "Cloudy Lane", or something like that. Or was it "Misty Corridor?" - I hope it won't be too horrible. I kind of forgot that it was quite horrible to watch, just kind of handed out the fiver while fiddling out some computer stuff at the same time... huh...

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