Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lovely Days

I've been having a lovely couple of days - meeting friends and drinking lots of tea.
And the cafe downstairs is serving me beautiful breakfasts with all the ingredients arranged in a nouvelle cuisine sort of way, except more of it.

Look at this best ever doggie:

he belongs to my blogging friend Laura who I met up with yesterday (you can just about glimpse her there behind all that dog), and he actually smiles, see?
I was pretty jealous and wanted a miniature Schnautzer of my own instantly to run around me in very small circles and climb all over me like I was rigging, looking for adventure (very low natural vantage point a Schnautzer has normally, must be GREAT to be carried around sometimes).

Helga has laid her first egg of the season on a nest made of receipt shreddings and hair. And I'll have my very own broadband connection on Monday already... until then, see you later, world!


Eric Orchard said...

Great dog!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Isn't he Just!!! I am totally going to draw him a lot if I'm allowed. Am wondering if I can think of a place for him in any of the books I'm doing at the moment... even if not, too good to miss, I'd love to have a collection of small dog-studies in my reference-box...

Eric Orchard said...

came back to visit the dog.
still cute as heck.

Viviane Schwarz said...

I can't believe I don't have one of my onw yet!