Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Getting Warmer!

I spent most of the last two days doing the kind of thing I imagine most people I know back home imagine I'm doing all the time... hanging out in central London, sitting in sunny parks under cherry blossoms and majestic London Plane trees, eating Sushi, and last night I went to the launch of The Booktrust Big Picture Campaign, that is I stood outside the gallery (which is a very lovely gallery indeed actually) and looked inside at the solid mass of people in there wondering why humans get up to this sort of thing. I had some shouted conversations, most of them ending in "I got to go! Sorry guys you're nice but THERE'S TOO MANY OF YOU HERE!!!" - I was very grateful when I finally could run away, hide in a hotel room and just think "blegh blegh blegh blegh oof argh blegh" for a while, or some similar mantra. The room was incredibly cool, a penthouse suite overlooking London in fact that Alexis had been upgraded to by the hotel...

Penthouse Suite

They say it's part of the job to attend events, but I really wonder if maybe if I work very hard I could be a bit less successful and in return elusive and reclusive. I truly, truly would not mind.
Mind you I WANT SNAZZY HOTEL ROOMS TOO! I'd do a lot of mingling for that.

Gallery Crowd

I really enjoyed the rest of the day though, the sun and parks and Sushi.
I guess these things become extra nice if you know you have to squeeze into a small room with a million people in the evening! Huah, I shall have a quiet day.

Do go and look at the exhibition, it's very very lovely, and the gallery (like I said) is absolutely wonderful.


Eric Orchard said...

Oh yea! Sounds like you guys are having fun... How do I make friends with you on Flickr, I can't make heads or tails of it!!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Well I just went and made friends with you! :D