Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ha ha ha haa!

Here's the booktrust news page of the Big Picture Launch, with some photos... we just looked at it and laughed. Alexis wasn't actually at the photoshoot, so they went through all the bother of photoshopping him in afterwards - and it's amazing how they retained the healthy orange tan and unusual shape of his head. You can even read the tattoo he had made across his face for the occassion.

(It's like that scene in Monsters' inc: "I'm on a magazine! I'm on a magazine!!!")

Note: They changed it! No more big label saying NEWS across Alexis' mug! Aaah.


Sue Eves said...

Ha! I wondered what you meant. I didn't remember the tatoo or the orange tan. That is funny - luckily you can see behind the tatoo on the duplicate of the photo further down the page!

Congrats to you with such a pretigious win and with your first book too! - I've posted about the event on my blog.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hello! Hah yes, I saw!

I wish they had made the photo embiggenable.... it's very wee...

Joel Stewart said...


You could console the orange lad with the news that Beegu appears in Mike Leigh's new film. The children at the school have been doing a project, making their own beegu picture books. One is called "Beegu the Car Mechanic." It's just in the background in one scene, and a bit blurry, but still!