Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beautiful Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of "Timothy and the Strong Pyjamas" by Cheryl Klein, editor at Arthur A. Levine Books.
I am almost a bit ashamed to link to it because it makes me look so good... but I'm too chuffed not to!

I'm glad she picked up on the idea that sometimes the strength one needs isn't hidden inside oneself, but in the friends and caring people who one has collected in life. That was a bit I cared about myself when working on that book... that and the idea that sometimes when one has a magic monkey, one may lose ones magic monkey, and that is terribly horrible, but at the very latest the monkey is likely to return in Spring or thereabouts, in some way or another, if one can hang on in there. That's the sort of risk and reward that comes with magic monkeys, and really just about everything a person may love.