Friday, March 28, 2008

Old Stuff

I am just backing up the vast archive of stuff on my computer, project by project.
"Shark and Lobster" has a huge lot of files to it... including a lot of things I hardly remembered, like my own colour tests. Here's me starting to colour in the big deep sea monster - I captured a set of swatches from a picture of an anglerfish, because the colours I picked without any reference were all to garish (I imagined it bright orange with a blue nose in my head, which looked AWFUL).


I was very insecure about my colouring abilities at the time. I think I would have needed to spend a long time on working it out, which I didn't have back then, which is why the publisher agreed to have it coloured by someone else, and every time I look at the published book now I am surprised at how sophisticated it looks. When I am drawing, I imagine bright colours - I remember it was a strange experience to draw all these stripes and dots and think "yellow, red, orange, bright blue" in my head and then when I got the coloured files back they were all classy tasteful mud colours.

Now I'm gearing up for doing my own self-coloured comics and I really wonder what they are going to look like - this here monster suddenly gave me a lot of confidence because I remembered it being totally hopeless, and now I think: hey look, I CAN do muted colours, too! It's... quite nice actually!


Anonymous said...

I'm a colour junkie, always have been. I went beserk a few years ago with my paintings and used EVERY colour I could think of, the brighter the better! It's good to do that I think, to get it out of your system. I still have fits of doing this though. I think it's like screaming out loud every now and again! ;)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hah! I agree. - In fact, even if I do a very tasteful muted picture, I sometimes look at it and feel a bit glum, thinking: but... that's not really me... it's like using "nude" makeup to look sophisticated. I always think: but if I paint my face I want it to look painted!!!!
One has to be ready to make some garish sacrifices to be true to one's colourful self, I think. Thanks! That cheered me mightily :)