Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here's a nice long interview with Alexis (if the link works).


Eric Orchard said...

Great interview! It was interesting to read about the oiled paper technique. Alexis' work is brilliant.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ah, the link is working, good!

It's nice, isn't it! I think the questions are really funny, it's all like "This looks odd. What on Earth is that? So why did you do this? Why don't you make pictures like everyone else?"

I don't think I know any other illustrator who is so unconcerned about achieving a "professional" finished look and still looks bloody skilled... I think it's because first he does brilliant drawings and then he knows they are brilliant, so he refuses to redraw them and just photocopies them and colours them in - while the rest of us spends their time trying to work out how to make finished illustrations that look as nice as our sketches. - Even if he'd colour them in with big wax crayons people would still see that it's great drawings...
Every time I do a pencil rough that looks nice and then go and re-draw it, ink it in and all that jazz he just shakes his head and says "why bother, the first one was fine". If I live here for a few more years I'll start making books out of little pencil sketches, too!