Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grey Sunday

It's a beautiful rainy Sunday... I had the window open in the morning as usual, and when I closed my eyes it was just like anywhere else in the world I've ever lived. No one was talking yet, and the cars were going by slowly, pssssht pssssht on the wet road.

Today I am making a knitting pattern for this guy...

Tiny Cat

...and some more. I've been looking at children's craft books, thinking that I would love to make a book that makes you want to make something. I thought about that so much yesterday that I had to go to the Tate Modern, where they have a dedicated artycrafty children's section, and I looked through all the books and thought: This is nice. This is dreadful. This only looks good. This is good but is explained terribly. This is great. - that was a strange way of thinking for me, because I normally only think "I like this, I don't like this" instead of 'This is good, this is bad". I notced and bent my thought around to "I'd do it differently" and then thought about how to do it for hours. I sat in the member's Cafe and must have been staring at some children who were having lunch there, wondering what they would like to make from cardboard boxes and paint and feathers and old socks, because they came running over suddenly and shouted at me in a most delighted, energetic and probably insulting way (I didn't understand what they were saying).

I'm glad it's raining today because I want to stay in, put on the new Goldfrapp album and make knitting instructions, and finish a late birthday present for my mum... and I have a short story going around in my head, too, which I might write down more-or-less.

The last few times I went to meetings with editors I went away with sample copies of other people's novels, and they were inspiring.
Good thinky grey Sunday this is!

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