Friday, February 29, 2008

Things You Never Thought You'd Say in a Meeting

"To be honest, I am feeling quite strongly that the giant robotic owl tower should be axed from this book. It feel a bit... forced."
"It's true. Maybe we should get back to basics a bit. And the whole eternal night thing might just be a bit abstract."
"Yes, what we need is emotional content..."


In fact "What we need is emotional content" is probably the one thing I say in EVERY meeting, I always try to do it in a Bruce Lee sort of voice but no one realises I think.
So, anyway, I axed the Giant Robotic Owl Tower, but it MIGHT make an appearance one day in another story because I do sort of like it.


Eric Orchard said...

Oh man that's so cool!
I love the owl tower!

These are great drawings.

By the way, can I send you a picture book manuscript I'm working on?

I'd love to hear what you think.

Stephanie Roth said...

I'd love to know why there is a robotic owl tower...this story sounds like its so much fun to work on...

I've had meeting like that- where I've really gotten off track with something and it's not until I'm looking at it with the client that it dawns on me...It's so great to have people out there that can be sounding boards and help to keep us on point.

Viviane Schwarz said...

That's just it, Steph, I also suddenly realised I wanted to know why there was a giant robot owl tower, and I couldn't honestly say I knew, so now there isn't one any more... it's better for it though, and still fun!
It's a good reason for having meeting often, because that sort of thing can easily lose me a month of work! Not quite this time, fortunately.

Sure, send manuscript, Eric! I'd love to have a look! Yay! :)

Sorrentino said...

very cool blog and these drawings are fantastic! don;t give them up! there too gooooood!! ;)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ha, thanks!

I think I better start thinking about a new book all about the Robot Owl Tower...