Saturday, February 9, 2008


I just painted a map of the middle east, and now I want a big bowl of salad before I have to actually work on a Saturday (no!) drawing lots of very small monkey-like creatures (can't complain actually).

I really have to draw some children soon, I'm starting to notice that there's a book coming up I have to draw with a real child in it and I haven't drawn a human being in months, I think. Aieh. And he needs to be very lovable, four years old and generally just so. It makes me slightly nervous... ah well.
I wonder if I should get a model? Surely I can borrow someone's four year old boy? Hm. Maybe it's time to go drawing at the playground.
After the monkeys.


Rima said...

Wow Viviane.. just found you on Eric Orchard's blog and I love your work!!
:) He he ... nice to meet you :)

Eric Orchard said...

The kid's section in the library is a great place to sketch kids too.I was looking back through your blog and found a great drawing of a kid from November 28th last year. I also found the post on treacle and dead lions, I always thought that was wierd too.Check out Rima's stuff, she's fantastic.

Viviane Schwarz said...

So I see! Hello Rima! I am still reading all the interesting mythology on your blog... nice to meet you too! :) Thank you! Your button mouse made me laugh!

Library! So clever! See I am always a bit uneasy on the playground because legally you got to have a child with you to be there... mind you, Peckham kids' library is a bit maddening, they got bright red windows, it's a bit war of the worlds... I'll try anyway!

In November? It is true! I drew that little chap who walked out of the leisure centre into the wintery night, scrubbed too much paint on him but the drawing was ok... goes to show, reference is needed! :) Thanks!
Yep, weird lion, I love the way even the company can't explain it completely.