Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pina Bausch

I went to see Pina Bausch yesterday, which was amazing. I even enjoyed the intermission, when the stage was neatly covered in a layer of soil by stage workers with rakes. It took six very big containers of soil...

One of the dances was "Cafe Mueller" (there's some bits of it at the link above) which I'd never seen. The film "Talk to Her" begins and ends with characters seeing a performance of that dance, and seeing the film years ago I had not realised how much the dance connects to the story.
I like things like that.

I read that "Cafe Mueller" was inspired by childhood memories of observing adult relationships, and that was just what it felt like, oh the fuss the fuss the fuss and over and over again and will they fall to pieces but it seems so important.

Pina Bausch herself was indisposed so there was an understudy, but I didn't really mind (I think I would have been amazed out of my mind if she'd actually been on stage).

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