Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hairy Days

I just gave myself a very 80's haircut...
All the ladies seem to have straight curtains of long hair these days. And they have secret ways of keeping them out of their faces with tiny little hair clips or just some sort of Hair Zen that might involve constant secret head movements.
My hair secretly wants to be curly and doesn't want to do do dramatic curtains, or if it does it doesn't look like it from where I'm standing, so I tried my hand at cutting layers.
Now I feel I must get some ripped t-shirts and layer multi-coloured net stockings. I might.
It looks very harmless, even if I do my Serious Face, which might be a good thing.

Also, am writing a new picture book, that's in a hairy phase too. Not to worry, always happens, be glad you don't live in the same house as me until I sorted it out.
Always the same: first have a funny idea and be excited about it. Then write it down and notice it's nonsense. Then spend a couple of weeks searching for the hidden goodness (I know it's there! It was so obvious at first!) then find it and be glowingly happy, then the editing process, during which confusion and worry reign for an unspecified time period, and suddenly the glorious day when it all makes sense for everyone involved and I get to celebrate by buying a new dress.
And then there's hoping and praying they like it in America, and if it makes them laugh, all is well.

At the moment it's in second draft. The beginning is funny, the middle bit is sheer madness and the end is a bit dull. That's quite good going I think.

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