Friday, February 29, 2008

Did I dream this?

OK, I think I read this news story on the back of someone else's Newspaper, but it just hit me that it was actually very strange: A guy got arrested for punching someone who told him to get off his jet-ski, which he was riding in the streets of a flooded town, while other people were quite busy trying to rescue their belongings from their homes. I guess he figured it was practically his duty to take advantage of the situation, seeing he had a jet-ski to hand and it's quite the opportunity.
Anyway, did that really happen or did I just make it up?
It's really bugging me now!


Eric Orchard said...

Um...It doesn't sound familiar. That sort of thing doesn't happen here. Maybe in Amsterdam.
You have to name your TV watching robot.

Eric Orchard said...

Oh! And by the way, my wife went to Ottawa to baby sit our niece Rachel and she read her Timothy, and she roared and laughed and loved it.There was something about it that she really responded to.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hooray! I am glad your niece enjoyed Timothy... I really like making children laugh a lot!

You are so right. I forgot I used to name all my electrical goods after famous personages of history and literature because it made me less nervous of them. My first computer was called Ghandi because it had a passive resistance thing going... This TV screen thing here is already definitely called Darth. It looks like nothing else.
It'll be good to give the TV watcher a name so I can grumble at it at night when it waked me up watching some rubbish for me...

Oh I just noticed it's got the last ever David Attenborough program on it, I'll watch that presto and right now!

I never found where I got this story from... ah well...