Friday, January 18, 2008

Missed it

Would you believe it... plane crash at Heathrow airport, the sky was full of circling planes, I would have noticed if I'd looked out of the window, but I was working like a loon...
I got everything done though, and packed it all into my backpack along with some of my favourite books to show to the team and marched off to the publisher, still ignoring a sky full of planes in the West, apparently. Then a sudden hailstorm came down and soaked me completely, and I ran because my backpack isn't waterproof. There were lots of people with broken umbrellas running the other way, to Vauxhall station... Londoners tend to have flimsy little umbrellas that break in any serious wind, and I had none at all because I forgot mine at the publisher's last week.
So I had a meeting in my socks (shoes full of water), and with some coughing and wheezing, and it went very well. Now I can put the current project aside and wait until it's gone through acquisition, and start an all-new one illustrating something I didn't write myself for the first time.

Now what? Now tidy up and stock up on food, because my latest work-phase used up all resources of food and tidyness.

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