Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I hope you all had a great time!!!
Edinburgh was grand, we climbed up Arthur's seat as far as we could be bothered and watched the fireworks, which were amazing... I've never seen so many fireworks set off at once, the hills of the city turned into synchronised volcanoes. We'd remembered to bring thermos flasks of mulled wine, and it even stopped raining just before midnight. SO: an unusually proper start to the year! Normally it's a complete shambles.

And now - I'm back! And there's lovely new-year mail, all been waiting for me.
1) A lovely wedding card from Steph looking beautiful with handsome groom on beach
2) A mail from the Tate telling me I can pick up a limited edition wallet designed by David Shrigley, the like of which I have seen and jealously coveted before
3) A letter from Cambridgeshire telling me "Timothy" has been shortlisted for the "read it Again" picture book awards, with a friendly award ceremony in summer and maybe even in StIves (venue not confirmed as yet).
4) The first issue of "Craft" Magazine, which made me decide that I MUST crochet some more toys.

So... all good! :) But now I need to excavate the studio, because some renovation work has started when I was away and now the bathroom seems to be located mostly on my desk.
I might blog some holiday things later on, I've started working on my novels again and got quite far in designing a language for mice, and also Kris took a picture of me looking like a prim adventurous auntie in the snow which I really should blog.

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Viviane Schwarz said...

Aaah it IS in StIves, but StIves Cambridgeshire! Live and learn! well that'll be interesting, too!