Monday, January 21, 2008

Grey Monday

Whoah! You can ignore the following grumblements - It's all been swiftly fixed! Someone at Booktrust read my blog! ... must be more careful...

Hmm... I am getting ready to go out and do some museum research today. Yawn. I would be on my way already, but I've been fruitlessly trying to get the feedback form to work... I just found they posted a lovely recommendation and review of "Shark and Lobster", but listed Joel (le colourist) as le illustrator, which is le olde frustration pour moi. He really coloured that book very well, and incredibly in no more than a week or two (gratitude gratitude etc), all by himself, but I spent over a year drawing it, all by myself.
Anyway, the form is NOT working and so I find myself irked much more than I would have been if I could have just nudged them quickly about it. (Maybe it's a mac thing... anyone on a PC out there feeling like telling them?)
I guess it makes no odds, really, I checked what other places say about it and he's listed as all sorts of things, my favourite being "author/colorist" on Amazon. What do they imagine that job description entails? "I have an idea for a story and a colour scheme, now I am looking for someone to do all that boring linework?" I guess it's possible. I hope there aren't too many of his fans getting a bitter disappointment :p
Never mind, I'll leave it be now and concentrate on the three NEW books I'm supposed to be working on this week. Aieh! Where's my coffee?

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Eric Orchard said...

Hmmm...Very complicated and fustratin'. The doodles are superb.