Sunday, January 13, 2008

Broken Toe

Bad weekend, this... Helga-canary caught her foot in the wiring of the cage last night and twisted one of her toes right around. The toe-nail is at the bottom now, she is unhappy, and I can't take her to the vet before Monday - I could take her to an emergency place across town, but that would probably be a bad idea, carrying her on a bus in the winter like that. So now I'm trying not to worry too much, I'm sure they'll amputate it and prescribe antibiotics, and she can just sit on the cuttlefish bone for today. I don't want to go out in case she bites the whole thing off and bleeds to death... I'm rather cross about that cage now, it's not stupidly ornate or anything, it's just got places to snag toes that I've never noticed before. And I'm cross that I can't do anything much useful now.

And I can't seem to get any painting done either, oof.


Dale Wylie said...

hi, just thought I`d say that I really like your illustrations. I`m trying to get into uni at the minute to do illustration.
did you paint the ones on your blog?
they`re really good

Viviane Schwarz said...

Thanks! Yes, I painted everything except where stated otherwise!
Good luck with the applications!

Stephanie Roth said...

OH! That's awful about Helga. When I was little I had a parakeet that got her toe bent up like that in a cutain rod. We took her into the vet and they amputed the thing...She got on just fine without it.