Sunday, December 30, 2007

Off To Edinburgh!

Happy New Year everyone!
I'm getting ready to go to Edinburgh for a week, I might blog from an internet-cafe if I remember my password!

I just bought a second travel bag, a sturdy leather satchel that will serve as a handbag and sketch-bag abroad. I was a bit puzzled when the shopkeeper was overjoyed about my choice of brand... I thought it was a bit silly, myself, for being "pre-distressed" but I figured real life will catch up with it. He explained that he can't really shift them in this area because "black people don't like it". Hm!!! For a minute I had visions of being caught out with a white supremacist bag quite unexpectedly, but then I realised that was... stupid.

I picked up provisions from the supermarket, which took longer than expected because the lady in front of me was paying with three plastic bags of un-sorted coins, which the checkout lady counted through patiently for a while, then she sent her away to the cash-counting machine. It turned out she only had five pounds when she needed sixteen, so two of her bags had to be un-bleeped again, item by item. The whole thing took a long time, and everyone seemed very cheerful about it and saying "it's hard to judge these things, isn't it". That was so unusual... I so often get people physically fighting in the queue before me for smaller reasons.
The customer seemed very nice, too, I wondered what her life was like.

Tra la, off I go!

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Eric Orchard said...

Happy New Year Vivien!