Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year Plans Already

As you see, the jumper is progressing. I've started on the sleeves. I haven't finished the back yet, but I thought starting on the sleeves would be good for morale.

Also I have started making up New Year Two aims: see things and make things. I want to travel to places I really want to see, and go exploring, rather than try to get the best out of London (I know it's one of the most vobrant and exciting places in the world, but... oof... we don't really get on). And then I want to make things that aren't books. Books, too, but not ONLY books. Objects, useful ones and beautiful ones, and maybe I can learn some new skills. So! Tomorrow I'll go and find myself a good backpack and then I'll start planning properly! I'm planning to try and visit friends around the world, and do some exploring day trips, too... it's all very exciting!

Now my parents will phone and tell me to get a suitcase on rolls instead of a backpack. It's an ongoing discussion, that. I firmly stick to backpacks being the most useful thing if you have to do any walking outside airports.


Stephanie Roth said...

HI Viviane!

Love the colors on the knit- you are getting very good at turning yarn into actual items...the only thing I have produced in my attempt to knit is this big knot thing...

New Years resolutions- those sounds really good. I have my usual healthier, be more focused and try to connect more with people...

You would laugh if you saw me travel- SO many motto is "better too much than too little"...Poor Fred winds up towing my masses of luggage around.

Maybe in your travels you travel here??

Happy New Year!!


Viviane Schwarz said...

Happy New Year to you too!

I DEFINITELY would like to visit you soon!!! I'm getting my passport and sorting out budgets right now!

Ha yes, I know the heavy bag traveling thing... myself, I've always been torn between the "Oooh I might need that, and why not take this along while I'm going that way anyway..." approach that comes from always holidaying in caravans and mobile homes when little - and the other approach, which comes from living out of boxes and bags and suitcases every so often. The side effect is that in theory I know what I actually need to have around. I'll put it into practise experimentally the coming week, traveling to Edinburgh with two little bags instead of a trolley suitcase and huge red shoulder-bag!

I got a list in my head of other things a person would need... a good scarf-cloth that doubles up as all sorts of other things as needed, including a hat and a towel and a pic-nic cloth... a hand-crank phone charger... a light-weight watercolour box... I'm not sure about the pocket-pen-knife yet, since they don't go on planes... Hmmm...