Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blade Runner

Oof. Am preparing food for some guests who are coming around for an evening of watching the Blade Runner Final Cut and eating Japanese style food. Uh. Still have to set up the projector and arrange a whole lot of foodstuffs... well Alexis is doing most of the arranging. I don't find food presentation is my forte. The best I could come up with is a Cityscape of bamboo skyscrapers with carrot smog, after failing to do any abstract compositions. I don't think I got Zen or whatever you need. Am a bit worried that it might come across less "wow, elegant!" than "ew, someone touched my food" to food-savvy Londoners. Well, more for me if so.

Also have to pack to fly to my Gran's funeral tomorrow, and there is a craft fair on at Lordship Lane, but I'm too tired to go there... oh and I got to prepare for a meeting the morning after I come back from Germany. Moo.


Fr√łydis said...

Haha! That looked amazing, I'd totally eat it :)

Eric Orchard said...

Moo! I think they're nifty, it's not like Jamie Oliver is coming over....( sorry, that's the extent of my London foodie knowledge. His pots and pans are rather nice. We got them for our wedding) I can't get over the parrot paintings. Are you on some sort of art steroid? Your stuff lately has been really amazing. Been listening to Phillip K Dick short stories on Audio book. I didn't know the story for Total Recall had tiny, invading chipmunk aliens in it! The movie would have been way better if they had left that in. Any book news?

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ha ha! Thanks :D

It went down well... I just blogged another picture. I don't know if I ever saw so much food all at once in the house.

Oooh tiny chipmunk invaders!!! I WILL read that book now. Hah!
Thanks for the art compliment... it's because I am not doing much picture book work over Christmas I think, so I got more random stuff to blog!