Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rose Umbrella

Hmmm, I haven't done all the writing I meant to do today, but I found a really nice SF radio episode on the web, "Tunnel Under The World", see Sidebar.
I think I'll re-read Puss in Boots (am going to base a new story on it) and eat chocolate and take notes.

My Gran died two days ago, and I am thinking of her - I just found a picture on the web of an umbrella I would love to have and I am wondering if I'll ever see it on sale, and thinking it's the sort of thing I could have sent her a picture of and she'd made me one for Christmas, that is, when she was a bit younger.


Lau said...

Sorry to hear about your Gran, that's really sad. I hope you and your family are doing ok.

As for umbrellas, I don't know about roses but you can get Mary Poppins' parrot one here:

Lau said...

Also see:

Ahh, insomnia and the internet ;)

Viviane Schwarz said...

Whoaah I had forgotten we're living in London, capital of Fancy Umbrellas! I've passed that shop so many times! I shall go in there and look at all their brollies!!! I love the fox-headed one... hey thanks :D

I've got a duck-headed short umbrella that I found on the tube, which is just the right length to stick ouyt of a bag, it's not carved in detail like these but just a wooden duck-head shape with glass eyes. I've not seen it in weeks though, might well have lost it again... and I always have an antique one with a tassle and a bamboo handle because they sell them in junk shops and I keep losing them. But to have one that's actually from an umbrella shop! Man! From a selection of colours!!! I am so going there...

And oooh arrgh the rose garden umbrellas... man, I love umbrellas!
The town I grew up in gets a LOT of rainfall, which explains.

Hah thanks :)

Yes, family ok by the sounds of it. I'm just finding out about the funeral, booking flights and suchlike... didn't think IK'd be going to Germany so suddenly!