Saturday, November 10, 2007

Red Wool

Hmmm. Woke up happy and looked out of the window. Had coffee in bed reading a lovely book and watching the birds have a morning flight. Then I walked across the room to find my desk ready for work. This is a contrast to waking up in the window, being stared at people having coffee on the terrace next door, and then getting up, falling over some books and bumping into my desk which is already covered in birds, and more books. I like this new room-layout.

I need to do some serious sketching work today, and later on I'll maybe knit some more squares towards my new jumper. Although I need some more shades of red for it... I think I'll ask people for balls of lovely red wool for Christmas, so it will be different reds all over...

I'll blog sketches later, haven't hooked the scanner up yet.

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