Friday, November 9, 2007

Ready for the Grey Days

It's been chaotic days... the huge desk that was so high that I had to work on a converted barstool has left the building. It took two men to carry it out in four parts, and it still tried to decapitate them on the way down the stairs.
When it was gone, I suddenly had space to put up two sensible-sized desks instead, one just for drawing, and I changed the rest of the room around so taht now half of it is my bedroom and the other half is the studio. It's amazing. It's like a weird dream... I drew a whole book on that desk, and the book before that I drew on a coffeetable sitting on the floor, and the one before that in pieces, on other people's sofas, mostly. Now it looks like for the first time I can draw a book in a studio-setup that looks like the sort of thing I imagined when I first started working... I might even get some extra shelves for art materials!
While sorting through the studio we found a tub of pastels which I shall clean later today... I read they can be cleaned up by shaking them in a jar of rice.

I also started knitting a jumper while fretting about the layout of the room... I found a book in the library about "modular knitting" and it's great fun, just knitting neat little squares and triangles and then assembling things from them. Which means that all the bits of bad knitting I do while trying out odd wool or patterns I don't quite understand I can just edit out, and just sue good pieces for the jumper, hooray. I think I'll end up with a patchwork blanket of bad samplers as a bonus.

Anyway, no knitting now, trying out new desk arrangement instead. Computer works, check!

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