Friday, November 30, 2007

I Need More Hours In My Day

I'm working on a little fairy-tale tonight, after finishing my drawings for the day.

You know what I'd really like to do? Put together a book of brilliant things, collecting drawings and paintings and stories and more... ooof, picture books are a lovely medium and all, but sometimes it's frustrating to shoe-horn every single idea I have into 12 spreads in full colour for toddlers. - I'd like to stretch my legs a bit... Then my sideline projects wouldn't be so sidelined any more - I often have exciting ideas that I could just start on and make something, but I know I need the time to chew on a picture book concept instead...
I wasn't even all that into picture books a child, but instead obsessed with anthologies. Ah well. Grumble. Passing moods.

I'll stick that fairy tale into a box to start a collection, maybe one day it'll just be enough to be a big book of many things!

(Of course there's still the comic project, but I won't trust it to not morph into a picture book before I've seen it printed.)

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