Saturday, October 6, 2007

Today we ran out of paper.

... so I went out to buy a load more. But first I took a trip to the Tate Modern. I visited the Surrealists. There's a painting of a little red bird in a dark forest by Max Ernst that I particularly like. Then I spent a long time in the bookshop, looking for something to help me learn more about colour, and picked out a colour manual with stories about the origin of pigments. There's a painting i want to paint of the spirit of autumn, he'll be many shades of red and yellow with many kites behind him.

It was a beautiful London Saturday, with the Lions at Trafalgar square all carrying children on their backs and the guard horses at Whitehall glossy in the afternoon sun, and the Thames beach was sandy and almost clean. I bought a replica Louise Bourgeois artwork at the Tate, a limited edition handkerchief embroidered with the words I HAVE BEEN TO HELL AND BACK. AND LET ME TELL YOU, IT WAS WONDERFUL. I'm very excited about the upcoming exhibition of her work... anyway, it seemed to me like the best possible handkerchief one could have.
I walked back along the South Bank and there was the xylophone busker who only seems to have one tune - If I Were a Rich Man - but he was playing it with many extra notes today because there was a small child listening, she was listening with her whole face. I'm pretty hardened towards sentimental busking experiences, but as I walked by and the sun was shining on the jumbly London sky-line I was glad I had my new handkerchief.


Rowan said...

He is still playing 'If I was a rich man' ? I worked on the South Bank for 5 months this year and he played it every day then too. I hope he is rich very soon.

Viviane Schwarz said...

He seems totally indefatiguable. I've passed him in other places as well, I'm sure... Elephant and Caste I think. And I never heard him play anything else!