Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quite Fancy Actually

I picked up my Tate membership card today...

... so now I am officially allowed on the Tate Modern members Only Terrace, where they have my favourite view of London:

And I decided that the drink to have there is obviously rosebud tea, with real rosebuds

and I should have really got the slightly fancier version of the membership where you can bring a friend, but I was stingy. I might upgrade.

I lost my hat somewhere in the museum, which was the only bad thing that happened all day. The good things that happened were:

- me seeing the Louise Bourgeois exhibition, which was even better than I'd expected... they had several of her "cells", rooms built in wire cages, and rooms build with walls that are all closed doors, where you can just peer in, and have to lean and squeeze to see around the corners... it feels like looking into someone's head, seeing their life and feeling it without quite understanding, and without ever being able to walk all the way in and touch anything. They also had tall sculptures she made while using a New York roof as an outdoor studio, they are stretching like sky-scrapers, and represent people she left back home in France... I could imagine being in a city of faceless stone giants, and making your own giants around you.
It was absolutely brilliant.

- a lovely meeting with my editor in the museum cafe, over hot chocolate and cake and Jasmine tea that unfurled in the cup from tiny balls into tangled green jungles. I've got two brilliant projects to be working on now, a comic and a novelty book. Tra la! My favourite sorts...


Dave Shelton said...

A comic? Do tell.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Mh, I've been working on it for months but it never makes an appearance on the blog because I'm precious about it... there might be an appearance soon though because my original proposal was too big and involved, and I realised the editing process would a) do my head in and b) take two years on the payment for one, so now I'm doing a smaller comic instead and keeping the big one for myself.

Am thinking of publishing the big one on my site in instalments, with complete disregard of everything but my own enjoyment.

Dave Shelton said...

Ah, big involved ideas that get out of hand, I am familiar with this concept. I find, for myself, that they normally begin with the thought "ooh, that's a nice little idea".

Hurrah for "complete disregard of everything but my own enjoyment" though.