Saturday, October 27, 2007


Hm... work seems a bit slow-going, maybe that's because I'm doing three projects at once. It's that stage between books where it's a case of which new project gets contracted first, but they all need to be taken far enough to be proposed at one of them grand meetings where publishers decide what and who to spend on.

I got separate sketch-books for all projects, here's the one that's least developed, but most straight-forward:


...featuring, at last, some birds.

And here's a bit of an early bit of thinking in another one...


And at the same time I am happily letting my computer clean up and archive all the lovely audio-tapes in the house, starting with the Sherlock Holmes stories. I completely wiped my iTunes to make space.

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Stephanie Roth said...

I really like the white on red! And when are you doing a bird book??