Friday, October 26, 2007

Poems and Moths

I feel like writing a poem today, so I shall, because it's not that often that pretty words are in the air, and I have an idea, too. If it comes out well it might turn into a picture book proposal, all illustrated in many shades of red and one shade of blue.

I also want to darn some jumpers in the evening... I did the annual moth check some time ago, and they'd been at some of the packed-up jumpers. So I froze the jumpers and then washed them, now they are dry and ready to be fixed up. Most of them with the right-coloured yarn, but some are so moth-eaten that they might want colourful patches.

I didn't go drawing today, but my friend came around and we made apple-and-pear crumble, which was exactly what I wanted to do anyhow... outdoors drawing trips can be a bit less than exciting on a grey damp cold afternoon. And apple crumble had been on my mind for weeks!
I also bought some very snug warm slippers, and a load of butternut squashes to roast.

I find it hard sometimes these days to hang on to what I feel is the main thing I do in life to be happy - making things nice. I don't know if it's a London thing or an age thing.. I always knew how to make things nice in my little home town, and in Cornwall, too. You find a lovely place, like a garden or a beach or a house, then you bring some extra ingredients, or decorate, then you bake a cake or cook some picnic food or a big stew and then you tell everyone around to come along and be happy. For some reason I could never really make that work in London... sometimes it feels like working against the hive-mind or something. Like doing that sort of thing is just peculiar and bumpkinish. I feel a bit like a displaced Moomin thinking: Funny, I was SURE it's time for a celebration.
I do like take-aways and shopping trips and eating out and cultural events and all, but part of me doesn't quite understand why it's not sharing big stews this time of year.
I shall make more of an effort, and bake cakes and make soups. The last soup I made was thin and boring and I wasn't sure why I made it so big, because people were visting for a take-away evening that day anyway, and half of it is still in the freezer now. - I'll make a stew next, with red wine, and dumplings on the side. Yes!

But first I'll eat leftover apple crumble with custard and write a poem.


Eric Orchard said...

I just read something interesting by Chesterton, he was saying that big cities create smaller worlds because you can choose who you want to be around while villages and small towns force you to be with people you might either wise not and broadening your horizons more. Still, London sounds pretty amazing. You can probably buy all the best books there.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Hmm, yes he was a clever man!
That's pretty much what it seems to be like!

The book-shops are cool, that is true. I might have a look at them next time I go into the city!