Sunday, October 7, 2007

Materials Girl

Sp I thought I'd do some colour exercises... I remembered school and thought: gouache is the stuff to use officially, no?
So I did some of that, and I thought hm hm hm interesting, and I painted a weird-looking yellow girl with a red ant and I thought: phew, this is a fuss.
Then Alexis passed by and gave me some tubes of Water-soluble oil paint instead and I want A-HA! and painted a big bird over the top.

And then I drew on it with a big black pencil. Now I'm happy.

Funny that I never really tried oil-paint... I've always figured that acrylic is more sensible, but
a) it looks like plastic and
b) it doesn't smell nice and
c) you can't draw into it with a pencil, should the notion strike you, because... it's a load of plastic.

I think maybe I'm not all that rubbish at painting, maybe I've been using the wrong STUFF...


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Stephanie Roth said...

Love it! I think this is going to be GREAT medium for you to create with. What's really great is that it looks like you're having fun.