Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Golden Hinde

Snack break at London Bridge yesterday... I passed by Borough Market, which was too crowded to get inside except for the very determined. I skimmed a street-snack off the edge and took it to the river.

Today I rather want to get some colour studies done, after reading most of the book on colour use that I bought yesterday. First, however, I need to go and buy some food. Why doesn't buying food seem to interfere with anyone else's daily lives? I find it really noticable. I get the feeling most people manage to do it as a sort of a recreational activity, as a break from work maybe, go out and get some tasty and useful things and ponder the world and get a breath of fresh air... I still can't get my head around this way of urban shopping, just a bit every day. I think of grocery shopping as something that needs to be done every few days, and results in a lot of heavy shlepping. Not recreational in any way. Not sexy, either, unlike picking up a couple of fresh croissants and a jar of organic jam for breakfast. But how to do better? How? I mean, if you shop for food on your recreational walk and then you find you want to walk a bit further, what then?? Do I want to take pints of milk around town? Or jam? No! If I go grocery shopping, I mean business.
Yet, I know that other people in this area have a lovely time picking up tasty morsels from the plethora of international food-shops available while I'm dragging home family packs of pasta from LIDL in my big old trolley bag. And it seems so much more stylish and carbon neutral the other way.
Well, off I go again! I'll try and keep it chic. Maybe a small pack of pasta and some Baclava. I hear there's a local market on Sundays. Hm, hm.
Painting later.


Eric Orchard said...

Hi Viviane, I'm really enjoying your guided tour of London-I haven't yet been. You must have access to so much amazing art. It's great to hear of someone in London actually visiting the Tate Modern, my wife lived in Paris for a while and hardly ever made it to the Louvre, lots of cafes though. I hope your painting is going well.

Viviane Schwarz said...

Mm, I am contemplating a membership card since I don't go enough to the special exhibitions... it is very easy to not make use of a place if you live there, especially if it's such a Behemoth of a city...

alexia said...

Shopping for food IS a fuss. I, too, have noticed this. I think everyone notices this (shorley?) - Hm.. but maybe the people who have very set regular day job patterns always go on wednesday night and Sunday afternoon, so they don't find it quite as disruptive?