Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Help! Help! Help!

You know the horrible feeling when a manufacturer discontinues one of your most important materials?
Derwent Drawing pencils used to look like this - a range of soft earth colours, and they were water soluble, so you could sketch a lovely rich line and then wash it into tone.
Here they are:

Now they "expanded" their range, and the result looks like THIS -

- with a ring at the end - and they aren't as water soluble any more!

Which doesn't seem so bad, except that my friend Mr. Alexis Deacon needs them to do his wonderful pictures. Check out his books if you don't know them, and think: there's trouble for these if we don't manage to track a bunch of old-style Derwent pencils! This bunch is all that's left.

I'm at present searching the web to find a supply, but not having much luck... but I am sure that lots of you guys out there have collections of different drawing pencils, or know of someone who has, and who might think: what am I supposed to do with this smudgy pencil, it's not even water-proof. - Have a look! Please! every pencil means a whole load of lovely drawings.

Thank you!!


Viviane Schwarz said...

P.S. - There's a rage of Derwent Water Soluble pencils, but they're no good for the purpose...

Stephanie Roth said...

What about contacting the company directly? Maybe they know of some distributer of that pencil that still has them in stock?? Derwet is over there is England, right?

Viviane Schwarz said...

I did, am waiting for the reply... I don't have much hope there though, why should they keep a stash of old pencils just-in-case...

Viviane Schwarz said...

...and someone at Derwent sent a reply saying the drawing range was never water-soluble. I just sent them a mail with a sample picture.

However, my parents seem to have tracked down a rogue batch of them! Hooray!

Viviane Schwarz said...

OK we're good now! Got a supply to last until a better pencil comes along.

Turns out these pencils were only watersoluble quite unintentionally for a short time and Derwent actually put them back as they were meant to be when they expanded the range. Very strange.