Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bah, pumpkins.


It's cosy here, and I'm feeling a bit slow and a bit glum, but I always feel a bit glum this time of year, especially this week. Makes me think of swirling leaves.
In fact, I don't seem to have much luck around Halloween ever. I think it's because I have a vague idea of celebrating it at home with cookies and autumn leaves and candles and hot chocolate and maybe a scary movie that ends well, but I can't ever seem to get that organised, either nothing happens, or people convince me to go out somewhere and I end up somewhere noisy and cold, probably dressed up as something that seemed a good idea at the time. I hate fancy dress parties. I like the idea, but in reality I never enjoyed one of them.
I'll make an effort this year, maybe I'll roast a load of squashes and bake something... oh I feel grouchy.

This afternoon I'm supposed to go out on a drawing trip, but it does look to me somewhat like it might be too cold and grey to hold a pencil... hm.

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