Friday, October 5, 2007

Autumn Day

Has there be an outcry lately? Has anyone asked me: Viv! Why do you never post any drawings! Have you no sketch-books?

No there hasn't. But I got a feeling I haven't posted any drawings in a while, so here's a page of faces.

I just got a lovely song in the mail, and now I'm scrubbing my face and going out to take the train to Battersea park, and I'm taking a kite a made to try out. Then I'll visit my friend who sent me the song, and I'll pick up my old drawing board which he's been storing for maybe three years or so, and I'll think about sheep. I like thinking about sheep.


Eric Orchard said...

I meant to demand more drawings....These are great, it looks like a DaVinci sketchbook. Could you post even more drawings please?

Viviane Schwarz said...

I'm drawing tidally, it seems to be high tide at the moment - it's fun when the pages fill up this fast!