Saturday, September 1, 2007

Virtual Studio Joy

Aaah the miracle of the virtual studio!
Not an hour after I decided I needed a new scanner and some colour seperation knowledge to get this project going I already had a Photoshop tutorial over SKYPE from Davide, master of harnessing the computer into doing beautiful things, and also advice on which scanner to get.

Which reminds me, now that Facebook has started to become un-cool I decided to join after all, so poke me if you're on. Spread the virtual Studio! Lalala!


Fr√łydis said...

I deleted myself from facebook because people were posting pictures of me without asking first. And they won't ever ever go away from the internet because they're owned by Facebook.
But now I almost wanted to join in again so I could add you D:

Viviane Schwarz said...

Oh! That is really rude of them!!! I got the impression that Facebook privacy was ok on the whole... but I guess once you made someone a "friend" on it they can do whatever they like. Hm!

I'm fairly likely to delete the account on a whim eventually, I did that with MySpace because it annoyed me...