Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scrubbing Up

I'm almost ready to go out now... first lunch with sister, then Booktrust award ceremony, then celebration dinner. I got my lovely stripy dress that Alexis gave me in Spring, and some red tights to match, and the new trainers. I even got a hair clip to match. And I went and bought a bra to try and respect the English dress-code, and chucked it out (like I always do) because wearing bras makes me feel homicidal.

Now for some tasty breakfast and then I'm off!


Eric Orchard said...

You really should have won!

Stephanie Roth said...

YES! I agree-

And I also agree on the flipping bra- plah!

Do post a picture (oh and TAKE pictures) from tonight. Have fun0 it sounds like a gas!

Viviane Schwarz said...

Ah, it was fair... she got a ratehr distinguished list already and worked hard for it, too... I'll get the next one! :)