Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Inbetween Sneezings

Hfaah. I feel a bit like I'm getting a cold. I'll take it easy today and just do the work I'm supposed to do, that is, some character drawings...
I'm always fiddling with other things - this week I already made a new jacket for a Luke Skywalker action figure. His old one got ripped, so I had to work out the cut and stitch a new one - I used the pocket of a white linen shirt. It came out well and gave me time to contemplate costume design... there's something that really annoys me about the prequels. If you look at the original episodes you notice that there's a certain style of clothing that people wear on Luke's home planet. Cloaks and loose jackets and the like. Obi Wan has this brown cloak which goes perfectly with it, makes sense, he lives in a cave in the desert. But in the prequels it suddenly appears that brown cloaks are the Jedi master outfit, and so all the Jedi wear one, even if they live in the city. I suppose it's what people expected to see, but it seems a bit lazy to me.

Yes, this is a good example of how I tend to spend my spare time and brain capacity.

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