Saturday, September 29, 2007

Home Again

Fooh! OK, I've got a cold now... when I came back home last night and cooked some pasta it felt like the first meal I was cooking in a fortnight. I seem to have been out for coffee and cake every day. My sister took me out for several lunches, and I've been cooked rabbit stew and I've been taken out for dinner in a neo-byzantine restaurant on Piccaddilly Circus. It was French cuisine, so I ordered onion soup and discovered that it is rather difficult to eat decently. I think at some point I had one end of stringy cheese im my stomach and the other end still in the soup and the middle wrapped round the spoon. I was also the only person in the place wearing a brightly coloured striped dress and red tights. Yayy!

I didn't win the "best emerging illustrator" award - which is no disgrace, since Emily Gravitt definitely has done a whole lot more emerging than I have. Bit odd to be beaten by a book featuring a long-limbed monkey and a stripy dress, though. Like being bested by my alter ego!

I was cheering mightily for "Penguin" which won the best book award - I saw that one in a shop some time ago and actually laughed and made cooing noises when I read it. It's brilliant.

Then I spent another day with my sister in wet central London, which was ace, and now I am sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and I'll see if I can find photographs soon... here's one of the shark tank at the London Aquarium.

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